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                                                               The ever-elusive UFO. A behemoth project in the Metaverse and P2E crypto gaming space. One of the most anticipated games, “Super Galactic” poised to officially release early 2022. The team for UFO pays great attention to detail and organization; much like the Royal Navy. A+ project from all sides of the spectrum. According to their Whitepaper, Super Galactic is just the beginning of their endeavors.

                                                       UFO’s first upcoming P2E game is titled “Super Galactic”. Super Galactic is an RPG/arcade action game that lets you battle and breed digital super soldiers in UFO's first revealed fourth dimension realm. Their NFT and Tokenomics system will allow players to earn money (P2E) while playing Super Galactic. To play Super Galactic, you need a playable character. These are the NFTs called UFOeps.


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