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                                                                   An intricate NFT card game with impressive graphics; Shiryo is on the right path. They have an experienced team that is pushing their product to new heights. Shiryo seems to be ahead of the curve and ready to release their BETA soon. The card game is reminiscent of Pokemon or Yugioh card battles. We are impressed by their branding, marketing ability & community engagement methods. Stay tuned for further updates upon official game release.

                                                          Shiryo is a new NFT trading card game being developed to revolutionize the trading card game industry. Mint Shiryo NFTs to battle in-game versus other contenders. Each card has an attack score and health; some cards may also have an element or ability. Cards can be placed in any order on the board (maximum of 7 in play at once). When a hero’s health reaches 0, the opposing player has won.

Shiryo - $SHIRYO

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