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klee run

                                                                   The Klee Run BETA has been released for a couple months. Their team have obviously been working hard on this game. The full version was recently released and P2E is in full effect! They are one of the first Inu tokens to get an offcial game out to the public. The Klee team mentioned in their Whitepaper this is only their first game. We’ll be paying attention to see where they go from here.

                                                          Klee Kai has developed its first game, KleeRun. The game itself is interactive, first-person, and addictive. It also features PLAY TO EARN. This feature allows gamers, who must hold 500 billion $KLEE to begin playing, to increase their $KLEE as they advance through the game. Run with Klee, collect coins while avoiding obstacles.


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