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                                                               Kitty Inu is on track for great things, especially when you account for the seasoned veterans working on their vision. Anytime a former Pixar animator is involved in your Metaverse project, you are aiming for quality. The Kitt-munity is an extremely supportive group of investors. Kitty has established partnerships with BAYC and Pudgy Penguin NFT collections, purchasing NFT characters themselves for game development.

                                                       Kitty is the native currency of an NFT-based, Free-To-Play (F2P), Play-To-Earn (P2E) racing game, KittyKart , being built on the Ethereum blockchain where players race karts to “mine” NFT assets. Through continued game play, mined NFT assets confer either skillset advantages or enhancements to visual appearance. Assets can either be “mined” - i.e. earned - (F2P) through game play or purchased on the secondary market via the in game marketplace. Assets bought and sold (P2E) via the in game marketplace are done so via the native Kitty token.


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