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                                                                   Hellsing’s community is a hype train moving at full speed! After personally speaking with their Dev team, we understand how far their vision could go. Their team is working nonstop on their upcoming game to ensure it’s a hit on the market. We’re proud to promote Hellsing and their wonderful supporters. Weekly updates are released regarding their P2E game.

                                                          Legions of Hellsing is a blockchain-based NFT adventure game that blends play-to-earn functionality with rich story telling and diverse episodic gameplay experiences. Along with a virtual social engagement platform called Klove, Legions of Hellsing is a key entry point to the Hellsing Metaverse.

Hellsing will be a gasless metaverse experience based on a zk-rollup L2 scalability engine called HellSync. All on-chain interaction in the metaverse will be on the layer 2 chain, mitigating gas and transaction speed issues on the Ethereum main net.


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