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                                                             GREY has their focus on their upcoming standalone P2E game to compliment their budding ecosystem. Their loyalty seems to be with their investors which is always a great sign. The GREY team has been staying relevant since launching early July 2021. They’ve acquired a Sandbox-certified game developer. The sandbox trailer is likely just a taste of what the team is truly up to. With more updates to come from the standalone game, we look forward to *hopefully* being able to test the BETA!

                                                        Grey is in the process of building a Standalone P2E Game with future integrations into a Metaverse. Their 3D NFT Metaverse Avatars aka – “The Disclosure Collection” will be the first step into the P2E Game with random rarity traits, accessories and items. The team’s plans have been copied by other projects in the past, so they prefer to keep many things a secret. Details and dates will be provided in future team updates.


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