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hayfever thoughts:


                                                                                DOPE WARS have a development team that lacks no experience. They are backed by Starknet and have legitimate influencer names invested in the project. Anytime you hear “GTA” a wave of nostalgia is likely to overcome you. PAPER has our full attention and we’re looking forward to gameplay updates. Their discord is full of hard-working creatives looking to build the DOPE WARS vision.

                                                        The DOPE WARS community is producing one of the first play-to-earn crypto games on the Ethereum and StarkWare blockchain, inspired by the classic TI-83 game we played instead of doing math homework. DOPE WARS is also an ongoing NFT art project and experiment in decentralized project governance using a DAO. PAPER is the in-game/ecosystem token for DOPE WARS.


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