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Bezoge Earth

                                                                  Bezoge earth has been in development for over 6 months. This is a long standing project by two brothers who never gave up. The story is unique and the Bezogi characters are one-of-a-kind. They are the first play to earn MMORPG game. The graphics look crisp and their community is a strong force. They have weekly progress updates on their Youtube channel for the Bezogia game. This is surely a project to look into!

                                                           The Legends of Bezogia, the land where everything always goes up, is a massive open-world sandbox-style game where players can summon their own Bezogi characters from a large selection of different breeds by minting in-game NFTs. Each unique to their own playstyles and lore, Bezogi fight, craft and explore the epic lands of Bezogia.

The Bezogi themselves are in-game NFTs. Totally unique characters owned by wallet holders and stored on the blockchain. For players that don’t own a Bezogi, they can use a generic character.

Bezoge Earth - $Bezoge

Community Strength

(Out of 5 Contagions)
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